Cut your expenses, Grow your profits

Hacen helps businesses to save money.

We target the smaller overheads and expenses, which are often overlooked, and full of savings opportunity.

We offer guaranteed results and return on Investment.
No savings?  No fees.

Examples of target expenses

  • Waste Management
  • Merchant Fees
  • Electricity
  • Printing


This video explains our savings process

We love saving our clients money.
Our track record to date...

Successfully completed
savings initiatives
Successfully delivered
annual savings
Procurement average savings
per project
Total CO2

Savings made easy

Cost management requires a proactive approach.  No supplier ever offered a better price without negotiation.

But... employees are busy.  No one has the time to review smaller costs or investigate alternatives.

We help businesses to get on top of their costs, and handle all of the legwork.  This saves our clients' time & money.


“Hamish is cost cutting, expense saving, profit hunting genius! He reviewed my accounts, found the fat and gave me clear instructions on how to trim it. I highly recommend his services."

Matt Cooper – Managing Director, Alpha Digital

“Hamish was involved from preparation of tender documents through to the implementation and negotiation with new suppliers. He is passionate about the triple bottom line - which resulted in improved CSR outcomes as well as value for money.”

Nick Yap, CEO, CDC Victoria

HACEN quickly identified significant cost savings that could be implemented in the short-term with minimal cost and risk. They worked independently and professionally - I would highly recommend them”

Matthew Stubbs, Managing Director, Allier Capital

“The results from the savings project with HACEN were double our initial expectations. Hamish fit in well with our team, and uncovered savings from every corner of our business.”

Simon McNamara, Managing Director, Bounce Inc

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