HACEN helps businesses to reduce non-labour costs, and grow their profits.

We are independent and objective.  We do not accept any commissions from suppliers, but treat all suppliers on an "arms-length" basis.

Hamish Burns

"There can never be a status quo. 

Every business must adapt - and remain in a state of continuous improvement to succeed."

Hamish has 12 years of diverse Financial Experience, across the Renewable Energy, Funds Management, and Transport Sectors.

He hates rip-offs, and is passionate about helping clients to save money.  He brings an inquiring mind and analytical skills to develop innovative cost-out solutions.

He holds a B.Sc (Honours) from the University of Melbourne, a Diploma of Accounting from Swinburne University, and an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

Our Guiding Principles


Reducing COSTS is often the most effective way to Increase PROFITS

Australian businesses are too often focused on revenue growth, whether through: expansion, M&A, or introducing new products & services.  Each of these avenues introduces new risks to the business and generally requires a significant investment of capital and resources.

Conversely, reducing costs represents a simpler pathway to improving profitability, and provides compelling returns on investment.


We prioritise PROGRESS over PERFECTION

Our goal is to deliver the maximum degree of cost savings for our clients, as quickly as practical.

We can add the most value by transforming areas of “poor performance” into “very good”, or, plainly speaking - resetting the rip-offs.   

We are less concerned with improving areas of “excellence” into “perfection”.  To obtain that last remnant of improvement is often a case of diminishing returns.


Partnership with Clients

Our priority is sustainable cost savings which are embedded into your business in the long term.
Our fees are based on % of the savings delivered, which ensures a mutually beneficial partnership.



Sustainability Principles

We recognise the importance of sustainability and social impacts within today’s business environment, and are mindful of the triple bottom line.

Our Sustainability focus areas:

  • improving energy efficiency,
  • reducing waste,
  • reducing GHG emissions, and
  • implementing CO2 offset initiatives
  • assisting clients with Grant Funding submissions (materials, energy, waste)