Isn’t cheaper just lower quality?

The “Time-Cost-Quality Triangle” is a flawed concept.  Whilst it holds true in many circumstances that the cheapest is not always the best, it is also true that lower cost is not always a sacrifice of quality.   A few examples of products which delivered both cost savings at equal or improved quality.

  • The transition from mail to e-mail. Faster, cheaper, direct to recipient.
  • In 2017, a $7 supermarket brand wine won the best Shiraz in Australia against competing brands over $50
  • Generic drugs vs. “Brand Name” medications. Identical product at substantially different price points.

Our team genuinely care about the success and prosperity of your business in the longer term.  We ensure that across all cost saving initiatives, there is never any compromise on quality. 

We already have an in-house finance team. Why do we need you?

Effective cost management requires proactive investigation.  Finance teams face multiple responsibilities: Reporting, Compliance, Treasury, Budgeting etc.  It is impossible for them focus purely on cost management.

Our focus is on one thing, delivering savings for your business.  Because we target the smaller, non-core areas, we are not duplicating efforts but complement your team, and free up their time to focus on their core functions.

How can someone from outside the industry understand our business well enough?

We are expense experts, but industry generalists.  We take a dedicated interest in general expense categories which are common to all businesses.  The cross-pollination of experience often leads to useful insight in other sectors, for example, the bugbear of pallet hire is a factor in retailing as much as brewing. 

Our projects have spanned retailing, food manufacturing, and transport.  Every business and industry is unique, but there are always the "ugly areas" that are full of opportunities for savings.  

This will not be worth the time involved

That is exactly why these smaller costs get overlooked in the first place.  They feel small and unimportant, so no one has time to investigate them.

We understand that we need to fit within your business operations,  and limit our client meetings to the crucial decision points, and final approvals.