Reducing costs while maintaining quality

We deliver savings by targeting smaller expenses which are often overlooked, and full of opportunity.

When was the last time your business reviewed its telephone bill, bank fees, or waste management provider?   HACEN can help you to unlock savings from these areas and more, saving your staff from the legwork and investigation.

Premise Costs

Fire Assets, Insurance, Cleaning and Security etc, all of the little costs to keep your business going.


Fire Assets, Insurance, Cleaning and Security are the type of costs which are seldom reviewed.  However, complacency with suppliers often leads to excessive costs. We review all of these charges for you, and our expert team can leverage off our experience to find you market leading prices, without compromising on quality.

For tenants, we will also review your lease, to ensure that outgoings are fair relative to published industry benchmarks, as well as making sure that your business is not paying for any items which are the landlord’s responsibility.

Electricity & Gas

Our experts will secure the best rate on electricity and gas supply, and review energy efficiency options .


Our experts analyse your utility bills and perform a rigorous tender process, which guarantees that we will be able to secure the sharpest rate in the market.  This is supported by expertise in energy efficiency to further reduce your gas and electricity costs.


Does it feel like your business is paying too much on your phone bills but don't know where to start?


With hundreds of different deals available, trying to understand telephone expenses is time consuming and complex. Telephone is an essential service for every business, and most clients would agree that reliability is more important than cost.

But what if you could have both? Even without switching providers, HACEN can negotiate a better deal for your business.  However, the greatest savings can be achieved through and transitioning your business to VOIP services.

Travel Costs

We combine improved processes for company travel, and partner with booking sites to reduce company travel expenses.


We can help you to reduce company travel costs through improved pricing and control.  We partner with corporate travel agencies to provide substantial travel  discounts.  In addition, we can assist with the creation of travel policy guidelines to improve cost management.

Administration Costs

Office supplies, managed print services, staff amenities etc.


Administration costs can quickly add up: pens, paper, toner cartridges, managed print services etc. Our expert team can help your company to cut down your admin expenses. We identify which costs can be reduced, and which costs can be eliminated entirely.

Bank & Merchant Fees

The Banks make enough money, let us keep more for your business.


Bank fees are often considered a fixed cost, like rent or workers comp etc.  But Hacen have a track record of slashing these fees for our clients. 

The Banks make enough money, let us keep more for your business.

Waste Management

Cutting the waste in waste.
Let us slash your waste management costs.


Waste Management is one of those 'background expenses' which is often not given a second thought.
HACEN have a solid understanding of the waste industry, and the expertise to source the best market rates available.  We are proud of our track record of reducing waste management costs by up to 50% for multiple clients.

We can reduce costs for many different categories of waste and can achieve this by working closely with our clients to improve recycling regimes as well as optimising collection intervals to bring them in line with business requirements.

Optimise price + reliability from your freight and distribution arrangements.


Freight typically has high barriers to switching, but Hacen has a team of experts to handle the transition seamlessly with minimal interruption to your business, while providing the best possible shipping rates.

Adding improved efficiency, better pallet controls and inventory management, which can lead to significant gains in both efficiency, and cost savings.

Let's help you!

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